April 25, 2021
About Us

About Us

Indigenous Nationalities Commission (INC) is a constitutional body with the provision of constitution of Nepal, 2015 (Part 27, other Commission Article 261). The Article 261 of Nepal Constitution defines the Indigenous Nationalities Commission (INC). The Commission was establish on 13th November 2018. The Indigenous Nationalities Commission (INC) is governed by the Constitution of Nepal and Indigenous Nationalities Commission Act, 2074. The functions and duties of Indigenous Nationalities Commission (INC) are to conduct study and research work for protect the rights and interest of indigenous nationalities.

The article 261 of the Constitution of Nepal states that there shall be an Adivasi Janajati Commission in Nepal, with a chairperson and up to four other members. The constitution also stipulates that the office bearers of the commission shall be appointed by the president on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council, the qualifications of such office bearers, vacancies, remuneration and conditions of service and other provisions related to the work, duties and rights of the commission shall be in accordance with federal law.

The Adivasi Janajati Commission Act, 2074 BS is being implemented after the bill on Adivasi Janajati Commission submitted by the government to the Legislature-Parliament to implement the mentioned provisions of the constitution was passed by the Legislature-Parliament and ratified by the Hon’ble President on 2074/6/27. The preamble of this act covers important issues such as the glorious history and culture of the Adivasi Janajati community, protection and promotion of rights and empowerment of the Adivasi Janajati community. Similarly, in terms of the functions and rights of the Commission, to study the overall situation of the Adivasi Janajatis, to make policy, legal and institutional reforms, to make recommendations to the government, to make recommendations on national policy on empowerment, to monitor and advise on Adivasi Janajati programs. To evaluate, formulate special programs for the development and empowerment of economically or socially backward persons within the Adivasi Janajati community and submit them to the Government of Nepal for implementation, study, research and preserve language, script, culture, history, tradition, literature and art. , Conducting awareness programs, advising the government to end superstitions and exploitation in the indigenous community, preserving and promoting the traditional skills, technology and specialized knowledge of the indigenous community for commercial use, recommending the Government of Nepal to list surnames, museum Formulate policies and programs to establish c Topics ranging from recommending the Government to the search for sites of origin, archeological and historical structures, recommending the Government of Nepal to protect objects and sites, enforcing a code of conduct for the Commission’s staff, and approving the Commission’s own annual plans and programs.

In order to promote the interests of the Adivasi Janajati community by implementing the above-mentioned functions, duties and rights, the Government of Nepal The Secretariat of the Commission has been established in Lalitpur, Pulchowk on November 8, 2008.


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